H&M Launches 30/30/30 Program

Every 30 minutes we take 30 seconds to review the area within 30 feet around us. We recently launched this program and have seen an increase in awareness and participation within our teams.

The purpose of the program is to incorporate participation from everyone on our teams. Every morning we kick off our safety meeting with an observation from the previous day. We discuss our observations as a group at another team meeting right after lunch. We have banners with the logo printed on it, and employees earn hard hat stickers by submitting an observed 30/30/30 moment during the day.

Participation is the key to making the program a successful one , so
we try to make it fun and encourage our teams to promote a ZERO incident safety culture on all of our sites.

Every 30 minutes take 30 seconds and review the area 30 feet around you!

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