Fabrication Shop adds Machitech table

The Fabrication Shop finished installation of a new Machitech CNC Plasma and Oxy-Fuel cutting table this week. This new machine gives us the ability to cut up to 3 inch thick metal with Plasma or 8 inch thick with Oxy-Fuel.

The Machitech features a 5 axis head which allows for the cutting tool to move along five different axes simultaneously, enabling the machining of complex parts. It also has a 10 foot pressure vessel head table that allows us to cut all nozzle holes in a vessel head. Now that we have the Machitech table up and running we have the ability to engineer, design, draft and cut all in-house.

In addition to the new CNC table, a 2 inch to 48 inch pipe cutting machine is due to arrive November 10 and should be fully operational by the end of November.