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Congratulations to Danny Truelove


Danny Truelove was the first employee of H&M Construction and spent 26 years with the company.

We would like to congratulate you on your years of great work and wish you every happiness in retirement. If you put in as much effort enjoying your retirement as you have while working with this company, it is sure to be a success!

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New Office – Ellisville, MS.

We are pleased to officially announce our new office located in Ellisville, MS. The office will be opening it’s doors at the beginning of next year and will have both Civil and Mechanical crews operating from it.

Project Manger Thomas Ruffin, when asked about his new office, said the new building will give them room to grow, allows for more office functionality, as well as increased exposure. The office sits alongside Interstate 59 just outside of Ellisville. Thomas also wanted to express his gratitude towards H&M’s leadership and their willingness to invest back into the company and it’s people by setting up offices and allowing them the opportunity to grow.



If interested in a career with H&M Construction, please apply here


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New Fabrication Shop

H&M is building a new fabrication shop and office space next to the corporate building in Demopolis, AL. This new fabrication shop will be 12,000 sq. ft with drive through bay doors as well as a front office space. The new facility will help to support the needs and wants of customers and employees as well as support all other divisions of our business. With this facility we will also be adding new equipment to increase our pipe, steel, and vessel fabrication capabilities.

Arthur Christopher, the shop foreman, is excited to be moving into the new shop. With this expansion he says “we will be able to accommodate any jobs, big or small. The new 10-ton crane and ability for trucks to load/unload inside of the shop will be a great benefit to production.” Arthur also expressed that with this new shop he hopes to attract more qualified Mechanical/Fabrication job applicants.


If interested in filling out an application with H&M Construction please visit the web page below.

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H&M Awarded Business of the Year

H&M Construction was awarded the 2021 Business of the Year award by the Demopolis Chamber of Commerce

Shawn Hall, when asked about the award, said “This award does not go to me, it goes to our employees, past and present, who lose sleep every night taking care of the company. It goes to the people that are away from their families, and it goes to the people who have laid the foundation for us to succeed over the past 25 years.”


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H&M Launches 30/30/30 Program

Every 30 minutes we take 30 seconds to review the area within 30 feet around us. We recently launched this program and have seen an increase in awareness and participation within our teams.

The purpose of the program is to incorporate participation from everyone on our teams. Every morning we kick off our safety meeting with an observation from the previous day. We discuss our observations as a group at another team meeting right after lunch. We have banners with the logo printed on it, and employees earn hard hat stickers by submitting an observed 30/30/30 moment during the day.

Participation is the key to making the program a successful one , so
we try to make it fun and encourage our teams to promote a ZERO incident safety culture on all of our sites.

Every 30 minutes take 30 seconds and review the area 30 feet around you!